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Has Our City Council Gone Over The Edge?

Dear Editor,

With regard to the proposed $700 million in redevelopment bond subsidies to SunCal to build 4500 homes on a base that is so toxic that the City trucks drinking water to their own offices. Has our City Council gone over the edge? Are they completely out of touch with reality, or are they so naive that they can’t comprehend how ridiculous this is? There are so many reasons for not allowing this. Some of them are:

1. As stated above, there are toxins in the ground. According to an article in the Alameda Journal, the Navy has no plans to remove the toxins at the exact site where the proposed homes would be built.

2. There is a housing slump. There are already too many homes on the market, and a lot of homeowners are either in foreclosure or carrying a reverse equity mortgage.

3. We are in a drought. We citizens are not conserving water so the City can give it to someone new. We are conserving it so that existing EBMUD customers will have enough water.

4. We have too much traffic. According to friends, it takes upwards of 45 minutes to go from Bay Farm Island to the 23rd Avenue on-ramps of 880.

5. The City claims to want to be a “green” city. More emissions from more cars will not help us to reach that goal. Our goal should be less cars.

6. Since our school board can’t seem to administer their budget to handle the children going to school now, how are they going to pay for more students? They can’t always rely on parcel taxes to fix their inadequacies.

7. The City cannot take care of the streets, sidewalks and other city services now for the current citizen. How do they plan to take care of new ones or are we going to suffer so that they can provide better service to the new ones?

8. The City is proposing “brown-outs” for the Fire Department. How then could they provide coverage for new homes if they aren’t able to cover the existing homes.

9. Homes don’t bring revenue. Businesses do. Alameda Point would make a great business park and as suggested would be perfect for a veteran’s hospital. What a great way to give back to our service people.

– Marion Miller, Alameda

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