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Letter of Support for a Public Land Trust for Alameda Point

Dear Editor,

This email is to Alameda City Council and Local Newspapers:

I am writing to each of you because I cannot attend this coming Wednesday’s January 7th City Council meeting regarding SunCal’s plans for Alameda Point but wish to express my concern regarding SunCal’s proposal.

I support establishing a Public Land Trust for Alameda Point instead of SunCal’s plans for 4,500 homes, $700 million in additional debt, and increased traffic for Alameda.


o Alameda risks losing existing businesses and jobs at Alameda Point.

o A Public Land Trust would work to preserve the eight soccer fields at Alameda Point, while SunCal plans to tear them up and replace only half of them, with a mere promise of a sports complex.

o Another 4,000 to 6,000 homes would stretch our public safety services at a time that the City is threatening to cut back on police and fire services, and implement rotating fire station “brownouts.”

o Our City cannot afford $700 million in redevelopment bond subsidies to SunCal.

o Partnerships such as a VA hospital/clinic at Alameda Point that work with our community colleges and public schools to produce much-needed nursing school graduates or the existing film studio facilities at Alameda Point that work with our local schools to teach our children film and art are preferable to SunCal.

Thank you for considering these issues this Wednesday.

Very Respectfully,

– Sheila Leonard, Alameda

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