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Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson Defends Rotating Fire Station Closures

Less than a week after low-level City of Alameda functionaries appeared on the news trying to dismiss claims by Save Our City! Alameda that the city is in dire financial straits, Mayor Johnson and Council member Frank Mataresse were on the local news themselves defending cuts to fire services and fire station “brownouts.”

Johnson and Mataresse were interviewed on KTVU news along with Domenick Weaver, president of the local firefighters association, about the rotating brownouts which will begin at the end of this month.

Last week, the City scrambled to respond to assertions by Save Our City! Alameda in a TV ad that the City is on the path to bankruptcy, as evidenced by the City’s inability to avoid the brownouts, outstanding lawsuits against the City, and the City’s plans to subsidize SunCal’s project at Alameda Point to the tune of several hundred million dollars.

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