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City of Alameda Relies on Outside Attorney’s Even as Fire Stations Close

Even as the City of Alameda plans to implement rotating fire station closures (“brownouts”) at the end of this month, the attorney-heavy City of Alameda’s attorney’s office continues to rely on outside law firms to fight the lawsuit with Nuveen over the failure of Alameda Power & Telecom’s division.

The City Attorney’s office lists four attorneys, and one risk manager. In theory, the City should be able to save money by having attorneys on staff make court filings and defend the city in lawsuits. But in a filing made on January 9, 2009, in the matter of the City of Alameda (and AP&T) vs. Nuveen Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund (Case: 3:08-cv-04575-SI) the Oakland firm Wulfsberg Reese Colvig & Firstman is listed as Attorneys for Plaintiffs (i.e. City of Alameda)

Why do we have four attorneys on staff and then still need to hire outside legal firms to fight lawsuits for the City of Alameda? How can the City justify implementing rotating fire station closures with four attorneys on-staff and additional expenses for arms-length law firms at the same time?

City Relying on Outside Law Firms Despite Four Lawyers On-Staff

City Relying on Outside Law Firms Despite Four Lawyers On-Staff

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