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Alameda On The Edge: A Presentation on the Budget Crisis

Save Our City! Alameda
with The Alameda Public Affairs Forum presents:

Alameda On The Edge:
Alameda’s Budget Crisis, the Impact on Public Services, and the Future of Alameda Point

A Town Hall Meeting Panel Discussion

Saturday, January 24, 2009
Alameda Free Library Conference Rooms A&B
1550 Oak Street, Alameda

Suggested Donation: $5.00; No One Turned Away

There has been much discussion of the impact of our city budget crisis on our public services. At risk are the Mastick Center, Library services, Fire (and possibly also police) protection, and Alameda Hospital. City Hall tells the public that the crisis is due to the global fiscal crunch, yet is poised to accept a development master plan for Alameda Point that will potentially bond the city to future indebtedness to the tune of $700 million dollars for land purchase and infrastructure from the SunCal Companies, which claim to be financially backed by D. E. Shaw, a hedge fund.

Join us as we hear representatives of various local stakeholder groups talk about the impact of the budget crisis on their sector and discuss possible solutions.

There will be ample time for audience participation.

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