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City of Alameda Refuses to Release SunCal Pro-Forma Business Plan for Alameda Point

We just received this e-mail from Andrew Thomas of the City of Alameda Planning Department, in response to our earlier request for a copy of the SunCal pro-forma business plan for Alameda Point that was due to the City on December 19th, 2008. We think the pro-forma could help clear up the questions about the $700 million in redevelopment subsidies SunCal seems prepared to ask for. However, the City apparently wants Alameda residents to vote in favor of a change to Measure A for Alameda Point in November, before the full details of the financial agreement with SunCal are finalized in mid-2010.

From: Andrew Thomas
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 3:22 PM
Subject: RE: your request to the City of Alameda

We have received your request for a copy of the Suncal pro-forma and regard it as a request under the Public Records Act. The City has not yet completed negotiations with the Navy on terms for the conveyance of Alameda Point. Customarily the City does not disseminate financial documents regarding developments in the negotiating phase.

The City is not making the pro-forma available at this time, pursuant to Gov’t Code Sec. 6255(a). In addition, Suncal has indicated that the pro-forma is comprised of proprietary data or methodologies provided by third party consultants, which is confidential and exempt from disclosure under Gov’t Code Sec. 6254(k), Evid. Code Sec. 1060. However, the City staff does plan to make available the City’s financial analysis within the next month or so.

Our public records act request to the City:

Case Number: 17771 Sent on: 01/05/2009 10:47
Request Type: Question Topic: Planning>Alameda Point
Location of Request:

My Original Request

I would like to get a copy of SunCal’s project pro-forma for Alameda Point. At the ARRA meetings late last year through November, City Council was very clear in giving direction to City Staff and to SunCal that SunCal was to prepare a business plan for Alameda Point along with the December 19, 2008 deliverables, and the response was that would be realized in a project pro-forma delivered in December. As SunCal is planning to ask for tax-increment financing tax-payer money, we deserve to see the financials. Please provide me a copy. Thank you.

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