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A Surplus of HOMES

Dear Editor:

The local print newspaper, (Alameda Journal, Jan. 9), recently published three separate letters from “HOMES,” (so-called “Housing Opportunities Make Economic Sense” – try telling that to all the homeowners under foreclosure or under water), opposing or refuting arguments to reject SunCal’s proposal for Alameda Point. An apparent organized letter writing campaign that has taken that publication by surprise..?

I would hope that the Journal would make its position clear via a stated editorial, which it has not yet done. They’ve printed letters from several perspectives, but I would hope that they would also, as they have done in the past regarding Measure H and Prop. P, take a stand. Let’s see where the Journal is really coming from. Do you support this “important development,” as Mayor Beverly Johnson calls it, or have questions, as some of us citizens do?

– Dennis Green, Alameda

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