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Firefighters Announcement on Rotating Fire Station Closures

From Alameda Firefighters:

On January 26th at 8:00 am, The City Leaders of Alameda will be placing YOUR safety in Jeopardy!

The City Manager and the Fire Chief will be implementing the proposed “Brownouts!”

All recent Alameda Fire Department deployment studies (completed by outside organizations) indicate the minimum safe level of deployment is 27 firefighters staffing five fire engines, two ladder trucks and three advanced life support ambulances. Anything less puts all our safety in jeopardy!

· On January 26th 2009, the Alameda Fire Department will no longer provide enough on-duty firefighters / paramedics to work on all of the City’s fire apparatus and ambulances. Whenever firefighters are off (due to earned leave, injury / illness or training) and overtime is needed, the department will simply place a fire truck or ambulance out of service, depending on how many people are off that day.
· When staffing is at 25 or 26, the ambulance on Bay Farm Island will be closed. The closure of the ambulance carrying two multi-role firefighters will be a 40% decrease in the level of service to the citizens of Bay Farm.
· When Staffing is at 24, the West End Fire Truck (serving Alameda Point, West Alameda and the Gold Coast) will be placed out of service.
· According to the Fire Chief there will never be more the one unit browned out at a time.
· If the brown-out policy had been in place July 1, a closure of a fire company or ambulance would have occurred on all but six days This means that on 188 out of the last 194 days (through January 10, 2009), the Fire Department would have had a company out of service.
· According to our Fire Chief David Kapler: “There will be an impact on the Department. For one, we will be busier. The same call volume is spread across one less unit. There will be impacts on an already busy schedule for training and other programs.”

What can you do?

Contact your City Officials and express YOUR ANGER!

Fire Chief Dave Kapler

City Manager Debra Kurita

Mayor Beverly Johnson

Vice Mayor Doug deHaan

Council Member Lena Tam

Council Member Marie Gilmore

Council Member Frank Matarrese

Please visit to learn more

Domenick Weaver,
President Alameda Firefighters

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