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Alameda Redevelopment Services Agency Proposes Shutting Down Film-Commission

In a clearly cynical move, the City of Alameda Redevelopment Services department is pushing to shut down the City of Alameda Film Commission for two years.

As Alameda residents know, many films and TV programs including The Matrix and Mythbusters have been shot at Alameda Point. It’s clearly an attempt to shut down any economic activity at Alameda Point so as to further the Redevelopment Services Dept. and Planning Dept.’s goal of filling up Alameda Point with houses. City of Alameda employee Ms. Leslie Little, who heads up the Redevelopment Services Department – which provides staff support for the film commission – is on the board of the California Redevelopment Association, a Sacramento lobby group who represents home builders, developers and other firms that benefit from redevelopment subsidies.

Alameda residents may want to write to City Council and the local newspapers to insist that the film commission stay active and work to bring film industry jobs and business to Alameda.

Mayor Beverly Johnson 510-747-4701

Vice Mayor Lena Tam 510-747-4722

Council Member Doug deHaan 510-747-4728

Council Member Marie Gilmore 510-747-4729

Council Member Frank Matarrese 510-747-4726

Alameda Daily News

Action Alameda News

Alameda Sun

Alameda Journal

East Bay Express

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