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Bay Farm Island Fire Station Ambulance “Browned-out” Today

From Alameda Firefighters:

Citizens of Alameda!

Today, the Bay Farm Island fire station ambulance was closed, or “browned-out.”

The staffing at that Fire Station for today and tonight has now dropped to three firefighters, instead of the usual five. There have been at least 5 on-duty firefighters at that fire station since 1991. This action represents a 40% reduction in the firefighting force at the Bay Farm Island fire station.

The City of Alameda is no longer willing to keep it’s fire department fully staffed. It is anticipated that the closure of either the Bay Farm Island fire station ambulance or the ladder truck at the Pacific Ave (at Webster St) fire station at the west end of Alameda will occur nearly daily.

If you have not contacted your City Manager or City Council members, please do so today! Please protest the cut and tell them not to place your life in jeopardy. Tell them to immediately fully staff the fire department safely each day with a minimum of 27 firefighters. Tell them to do their jobs as city officials and provide for your safety.

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