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Update to Planning Board Future Agenda Items

Alameda Planning Board Page 1 of 1
Staff Report 6-A
Meeting of January 26, 2009
City of Alameda Memorandum
To: President Kohlstrand and Members of the Planning Board
From: Jon Biggs, Planning Services Manager
Andrew Thomas, Planning Services Manager
Date: January 26, 2009
Re: Future Agenda Items

Staff is currently working on the following development projects and major City initiatives, which will require Planning Board and/or City Council review at the following upcoming scheduled meetings:

February 9, 2009 Meeting:
o Parking Ordinance

February 23, 2009-Meeting (Tentative):
o Stargell Extension Landscape Master Plan
o Alameda Point Draft Master Plan-Study Session

March Meetings (Tentative):
o Density Bonus Ordinance***
o Housing Element
o Ranches Neighborhood Overlay District

Spring Meetings:
o Bay Friendly Landscape Ordinance
o Green Building Workshop for Large Commercial and Mixed Use Projects
o Conformance Rezoning

***Denotes projects with a set deadline for processing such as, grant deadline, State regulation, Permit Streamlining Act, etc.

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