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Anonymous Commenting and Meaningful Dialogue

We’re not a big fan of SF Chronicle columnist Mark Morford – his writing style grates – but he’s hit the nail on the head with this recent column “Death by Moron. Has Anonymous Commenting Destroyed Meaningful Online Dialog? Oh, hell Yes.”

Morford writes:

Reveal yourself. Anyone who wishes to post a public comment must also post his/her real name, an actual email address, maybe even a nice little headshot. You want to participate and add to the conversation, criticize and parry and thrust? Great. Let’s see who you are, honest and true. Fire it up. Debate. Engage. Let’s create a real community. No more hiding. No more anonymous cowardice. No more hit-and-run verbal spitwads and avoiding responsibility for what you say.

We’ve known this since the first political oriented blog started in Alameda three years ago. We’re glad to see Morford has finally come along too.

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