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Keep 2413 Buena Vista on the Historical Registry

Dear Editor,

This is a copy of the letter I sent to the city council.

Patsy Paul

To: Alameda City Council
February 15, 2009

Re: Opposition to demolishing the 2413 Buena Vista house

As a home owner on Buena Vista Ave. I am against removing the 2413 Buena Vista home from the historical register, demolishing it and paving the property for a parking lot.

• whereas the Gateway Strategic Plan stipulates maintaining the historical character of homes built in the 1800s

• whereas the quality of life for the neighbors is enhanced by preserving a building of Queen Anne architecture as supported by the Historical Advisory Board

• whereas paving the entire ground increases precipitation runoff and reduces the residential nature of the neighborhood to an even greater degree than what already exists by enlarging the depository for parked cars

• whereas other houses in the surrounding neighborhood which were in a similar condition as this one have been restored instead of destroyed

• whereas the presumption of the developer that the citizens of Alameda do not care about protecting the nature of their city by preserving the limited number of priceless buildings of the 1800s, which when gone are gone forever

• whereas the demolition of this building sets a dangerous precedent threatening the destruction of the other older homes in our area and city which help make Alameda, Alameda

Therefore, I’m against removing this Queen Anne from the historical register.


– Patricia M. Paul, Alameda

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