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SunCal Promotes Sprawl in New Mexico, but Sings a Different Tune in Alameda

When promoting their plans for Alameda Point, SunCal’s hired planning gun Peter Calthorpe talks about the evils of urban sprawl, and the need to cluster high-density development at Alameda Point to avoid sprawl in the Northern California hinterlands. But in New Mexico, SunCal preaches something different.

The New Mexico Independent has reported on controversial loop road through west Albuquerque that will promote “hyper sprawl.”

But to Albuquerque City Councilor Michael Cadigan, the road is a harbinger of rampant sprawl with the beneficiary being SunCal Corporation, which bought Westland Development Corporation’s 55,000 acres in 2006 and is the largest landowner in the vicinity of the proposed road.

“This project is nothing but a corporate welfare give-away to SunCal,” Cadigan said. “Nobody lives anywhere near this planned roadway now. It’ll result in hyper sprawl.”

We gather that SunCal just tells local residents and officials whatever they think they need to say, regardless of the truth, to get their projects done.

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