Rent Increase Survey

Have you submitted your latest rent increase data to the rent increase survey?

AUSD Special Meeting, Monday February 23, 2009


5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Third Floor Conference Room at District Offices,
2200 Central Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501


Norms: Be there ready to begin on time, be prepared and be accountable; Think, speak, and act in the best interests of students and the adults who support their development; Assume best intentions and seek clarification when needed; Avoid side conversation; Maintain a healthy humor, celebrate and laugh together; Maintain a safe and supportive environment that encourages growth and development, nurture risk-taking and innovation, and forgive mistakes; Challenge assumptions and risk personal discomfort to provide opportunities to learn; Abide by group decisions and support those decisions with professional behavior; Keep cell phones silent and leave all non-emergency calls to attend to after meetings.

District Goals: Goal #1: Continue to improve student achievement while also narrowing and closing the achievement gap in English Language Arts and mathematics between our lowest performing students (African American, Latino, English learners, and Special Education students) and our highest performing students; Goal #2: Align the spending plan with educational objectives while ensuring the highest and best use of limited resources and long-term solvency; Goal #3: Ensure all students will be in educational environments that are safe and conducive to learning; Goal #4: Recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse staff and provide systems of support for and recognition of all employees.

· Understanding Each Others’ Working Styles

Myers-Briggs & Communication Style

· Meeting Management Protocols

o Board Member questions regarding agenda items

o Seating arrangements

o Order of items

o Length of time

o Public comments

o Agenda item presentations

o Explaining votes

o Board Member comments

· Direction of the Restructuring Committee

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