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Before Drag Racing Even Approved For Alameda Point, Enthusiasts Already Looking Forward to An Expansion.

In this posting to, a motorspots online forum, on January 31, 2009, well before a March 4, 2009 Alameda City Council/ARRA meeting to discuss the potential for 1/8th mile drag racing at Alameda Point, a 22 year-old East Bay enthusiast, “JDM Kid 510” is already looking forward to expanding the 1/8th mile side-by-side drag racing strip to a 1/4 mile strip. We’ve reproduced his entire post here because it leads off with “copy & paste,” an apparent encouragement to reproduce his message. It makes us wonder if the fix was in with the City of Alameda Redevelopment Services Department long ago.

01-31-2009, 05:31 PM
Possible Track In The Bay Area (Alameda)
Copy & Paste.

Drag Racing is definetly coming to the Bay Area along with all other forms of Motorsports. Nova 404, Batman09 and myself have witnessed first hand the beginning of a new motorsports park being developed in Alameda. This site is 255 acres of the old Alameda Naval Air Station. Initially they will have an 1/8 mile drag strip which they hope to have in operation by June. This will expand to a 1/4 mile in about a year or so once the government finishes clean up operations. This site will also include a moto cross track, about a 2 mile road course, auto cross and in the future additional venues will be added.

We need everyones help to convince the City that this drag strip is needed. The city is in favor of the moto cross track and road course but is concerned about the need and safety of a drag strip. I understand someone from the Alameda City Council saw the crash of Scott Kalitta and is very concerned about something like this happening here. I will be receiving a form letter shortly that I will pass along for us to follow. We need everyone to write a letter or an email about your interest and need for a drag strip here in the Bay Area. I believe this letter needs to include the safety issues that are strickly enforced also thru NHRA and other racing associations.

and more.

We have a new race track coming to the Bay Area. A group of investors is in the process of developing 255 acres of the old Alameda Naval Air Station. This will consist of an Autocross course, a moto X course, a road course and a 1/8 mile drag strip. Civil Engineering Blue prints are being drawn up right now for the drag strip and a contractor is being selected to resurface the concrete for smoothness of the drag strip.
We are being asked for input as to what racers would like and expect in a new track. No date has been established for opening yet but plans are for the track to be open on Saturdays and additional days will be added as needed. Special events are being planned including car shows and motor cycle shows.

Let me know your thoughts and I will pass them on. Hopefully a lot of our ideas can become reallity.


Here is the video of the fatal crash of International Top Fuel Dragster Scott Kalitta, as referenced in the posting above.

Can’t wait! for drag racing to expand at Alameda Point!

7 comments to Before Drag Racing Even Approved For Alameda Point, Enthusiasts Already Looking Forward to An Expansion.

  • Larry Helms

    I would be wary of anything you find in a discussion forum, as most of what you find is posted by people who desperately need their 15 minutes of fame, or at least some attention and recognition they are missing from other aspects of their lives. Discussion forums are not places to find facts, but rather places to find drama, speculation, mis-information, and half truths. The “inside” information from “JDM Kid 510″ probably amounts to nothing more than speculation based on a rumor, to which he added his own spin in order to be admired by, and looked up to by his friends. Unfortunately, many people repeat what they read in forums as if it’s fact. At least you can cite your source, the forum, and I’ll bet “JDM Kid 510″ can’t do the same.

  • Does that caveat apply to your comments as well??

  • Larry Helms

    It absolutely applies to my comments for anyone who wishes to follow up on them. I have first-hand knowledge of the junk that gets repeated in forums, and it’s hardly factual enough to cite as a source for legitimate news. I also have first-hand knowledge of autocross at Alameda, and it’s nothing like what you portray on your site.

    This caveat also applies doubly to you since you’re “reporting” on a “news” site. Isn’t there supposed to be integrity in news reporting? You should use facts that are verified rather than speculation and hearsay to raise the emotions of your readers. I feel that your “reporting” is irresponsible and reckless.


    Hi i’m C.Ray with Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, is there any truth to the dragstrip being built? I too have heard rumors here in Sacramento about the track. I went to an SCCA event there last year and suggested this would be a great facility to run a dragstrip. But i never heard back until late Dec. that somthing might happen and haven’t heard anything except one of the sponsors was backing out due to the Scott Kalitta crash at Englishtown 08.
    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • The dragstrip proposal pretty much died either this year, over conflicts with protected species at Alameda Point.

  • mandie

    Is this still in the works?

  • Looks like it died shortly after it was initiated…

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