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SunCal New Mexico Tiddly Widdly

Digging further into the article on SunCal and their attempt to sway New Mexico state legislators into a $408 million infrastructure subsidy for their West Mesa project in Albuquerque, we found this website on New Mexico Tax Increment Development Districts with a delightful name. accuses SunCal of making “claims in its mailings and on its website that border on outright fabrication.” SunCal’s hypocrisy shows through too – here in Alameda, they hired Peter Calthorpe to design a high-density development at Alameda Point to supposedly limit urban sprawl, while in Albuquerque, they are planning a sprawling city on the west side which Tiddlies says “carves up natural areas, promotes Phoenix-like sprawl and dramatically increases vehicle-miles-traveled.”

It’s interesting to note that Tiddlies reports that SunCal is looking to have 100% of their infrastructure costs in Albuquerque subsidized by tax increment financing. We’ve stated many times that we don’t believe SunCal will be satisfied with the $184 million “offer” from the City of Alameda to subsidize their projected $700 million in infrastructure costs at Alameda Point.

And of course, as in California, New Mexico tax increment financing diverts taxpayer funds from education, public safety and general services, to subsidize developers who make political campaign contributions to the elected officials in positions of authority over the project.

plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose….

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