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SunCal Refuses to Say How Much They’re Spending in New Mexico Tax-Increment Financing Campaign

Foreshadowing what’s to come in Alameda, New Mexico residents and legislators are being blitzed with TV ads and showered with cash to urge them to approve a $408 million tax-increment subsidy for SunCal for their West Albuquerque project. In Alameda, SunCal has said that they will seek tax-increment financing to subsidize their estimated $700 million infrastructure buildout at Alameda Point.

The Albuquerque Journal reported on the campaign on Sunday, March 9th. New Mexico residents are anxiously watching events here in Alameda as well, and alerted us to the Albuquerque Journal story. In New Mexico, the subsidy projects are known as Tax Increment Development Districts, or TIDDs.

Last week, SunCal spokeswoman Catherine Wambach declined to state how much they had spent on the media blitz, which included billboards, radio, TV and Internet ads, and direct mail. But SunCal and Hunt Development, an El Paso, Texas based development also seeking tax increment subsidies, gave a combined $62,000-plus to legislative candidates, state political committees and the state Democratic Party in 2008.

SunCal and their subsidiary, Westland Development, have 11 lobbyists operating in New Mexico, including two former legislators. Last year SunCal pushed a $629 million TIDD bill through the New Mexico House, but TIDD opponent New Mexico Senator Cisco McSorley killed the bill in the senate with a filibuster. Since then, SunCal and Westland have increased their political contributions.

Don’t expect SunCal to be any more transparent about their spending and political contributions here in Alameda. As Ms. Wombach said, “[that’s] not part of our strategy. It’s not part of our messages.”

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