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International Student Exchange Looking for Host Families in Alameda

Dear Editor,

I am looking for families who are interested in hosting an exchange student for the school year, 2009-2010.

PAX exchange students come from countries all over the world. They are 15 to 18 years old with at least 3 years of English study and with the maturity and motivation to spend a semester or a school year of living with a host family. They are young people eager to experience daily life in the United States and who will appreciate the help and support offered by the host family.

A host family is warm, welcoming and willing to share their daily life with the student, is interested in learning about other countries and cultures, and is made up of outgoing, open-minded family members.

We can match your family’s interests to those of the student – country of origin, boy or girl, athletes and sports fans, lovers of art and museums, musicians and music lovers, computer techies, readers and theater-goers, and so on.

Alameda is an open, friendly and family oriented community that welcomes everyone. It is the perfect place for an exchange student to attend good public schools, to learn about American life, and to feel safe and comfortable.

Why should you host an exchange student? It’s a good thing to do – good for your family, good for your schools, good for your community. You can provide a young person with the opportunity of a lifetime, form a long-lasting bond, and help spread world peace one student at a time.

If your family would like more information, you can look at the PAX website and then call Wanda Ingmire for further detail, 510 522-8641.

Wanda Ingmire
PAX Community Coordinator
510 522-8641

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