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How Democratic is the Alameda Democratic Club?

At press time, we were still waiting for confirmation that the Alameda Democratic Club planned to allow a dissenting voice to be heard tonight in response to SunCal’s presentation on Alameda Point which the club is hosting.

Evidently, some democratic club members opposed to SunCal’s plan asked Club officer Jim Oddie why alternate viewpoints would not be heard alongside SunCal’s presentation of their plan. A speaker to represent an alternative view was secured and identified to Jim Oddie, who referred it to his program chair, who evidently is City of Alameda Transportation Commissioner John Knox White, who is a proponent of SunCal’s plan, and an eponymous vision of his own, known as “John Knox White’s Vision.”

Mr. Knox White is known throughout Alameda for paying lip service to the tenets of free speech and open dialog while doing everything he can to suppress those who express opinions he disagrees with. We’re doubtful that the City of Alameda Democratic Club will deliver a truly “democratic” presentation tonight.

For those that plan to go, at 7pm at the Alameda Hospital, here are some suggested questions to ask SunCal:

Have they conducted their own proposal-specific transportation study or are they relying on data from a City of Alameda commissioned study from last year that was un-connected to SunCal’s proposal?

Are they aware that the Posey tube is already at capacity in the mornings, and that an additional 1,700 cars and 12 buses in the a.m. peak hour will cause traffic to back-up into Alameda, causing increased local auto emissions in what have traditionally been low-income, minority resident census tracts?

What is a glut of 4,500 homes going to do to the re-sales prices of existing houses in Alameda, and on the west-end?

Why did SunCal not examine a plan with a fewer number of homes, such as 1,700 or so, which was the number from the 2006 PDC, and consider exercising the density bonus law which would allow slightly higher densities (up to 30 du/ac) and multi-family transit-oriented-development for sites that provide affordable housing? This would not require a vote on Measure A.

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