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Save Our City! Alameda Releases Alternate Plan for Alameda Point

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Save Our City! Alameda Releases Alternate Development Plan for Alameda Point

ALAMEDA – Save Our City! Alameda, a local grass-roots organization here released today an alternate plan for the development of Alameda Point, the former naval air station at the western tip of Alameda. Instead of housing, the plan focuses on green collar job creation, spurred in part by President Obama’s pledged billions of dollars for sustainable energy research and development.

David Howard of said “The housing-centric plans for Alameda to date will generate at least an additional 1,700 autos and 12 buses going through the Posey Tube in the morning commute hour, while the Tube is already at capacity. This will increase traffic congestion and local automobile emissions and pollution in Alameda’s west end. And it will provide few, if any benefits, to existing Alameda residents.”

The plan, available online, calls for the development of a green science “technopolis” at Alameda Point that expands on the more than 1,100 people currently employed at Alameda Point, and the dozens of businesses already there. More jobs at Alameda Point may allow more Alameda residents to both live and work in Alameda, reducing traffic congestion in the tubes and on Alameda’s bridges. 70% of Alameda’s workforce leaves the island each day to go to work.

David Howard continued: “Earlier this week, Alameda City Council adopted a resolution in support of Bay Ship & Yacht Company’s federal grant application to fund the creation of a job training center at their Alameda shipyard. Bay Ship expects to hire many of the graduates from this job training center. This is an excellent reference model for programs at Alameda Point focused on clean technologies and green innovation. And the best thing is, we already have a template for our approach defined by a City of Alameda study commissioned several years ago – it’s already paid for.”

Alameda residents can view the plan online at

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