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HOMES, Behind the Times, Finally Catching Up

In a letter-to-the-editor in our local print weekly last Friday, a HOMES representative finally acknowledged that just as many Alameda residents go south as commute to San Francisco. Doh! This is something we’ve been reporting for a long time now, and have recognized in our traffic estimator. Typically, to hear HOMES tell it, all Alameda residents work in downtown San Francisco and can just hop on the ferry or trans-Bay bus to get to work.

Moreover, in her letter, the HOMES representative acknowledges that Oakland Chinatown is impact by development in Alameda, specifically at Alameda Point. A, er, point, that we’ve raised many times with the Planning Board and SunCal officials as well (note – SunCal hasn’t talked to the Oakland Chinatown groups that sued Alameda over a proposal for 1,700 homes at Alameda Point, never mind 4,503 homes.) Well, great, finally HOMES is catching up on what most of us in Alameda already know.

We can only imagine that HOMES will now insist that the City of Alameda sponsor another expensive public forum on an island-wide transit system, much as they did for the $42,000 Measure A forum last year which was attended only by the regular Measure A activists and ignored by the residents of Alameda at large.

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