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February 7th Budget Workshop Video Not Yet Available to the Public

On Saturday, February 7th, the City Council, with the former City Manager Debra Kurita, and the City Treasurer and City staff held an all day budget workshop meeting at Alameda Library, and the workshop was videotaped. On March 3rd, we requested a copy of the video tape, and we were told it would be online in two weeks. Three weeks later, it’s still not online.

This is important apart from the fact that public records are supposed to be available to the public. It is widely understood that at that February 7th budget workshop meeting, “the other shoe” dropped with a majority of City Council members when they finally realized in what bad shape the city’s general fund really is. A reported $10 million general fund balance at the start of the meeting was whittled away down to about $5 million at the end of the meeting, by the time City staff disclosed all the “surprise” expenditures that should be booked against the general fund, but were actually buried in special service funds. These surprises ultimately led to Debra Kurita’s dismissal/resignation.

Alameda residents deserve to have the video available to them now, with no more excuses from the City of Alameda.

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