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City-wide Robocalls From Mayor Beverly Johnson in Support of Alameda Point

We’re getting reports that Alameda residents are also receiving telephone calls – robo-calls – with a recording from Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson, asking for support of SunCal’s Alameda Point proposal. This, from a Mayor that ran her last campaign with the slogan “Protect Measure A.”

As we understand it, this is in addition to an ongoing telephone survey. We have not received a call directly, but our readers tell us it clearly was the Mayor in a pre-recorded message. If you receive a call, please write to us at the email address in the top right and let us know if it was pre-recorded, or a telephone survey, and who the caller identified themself as.

1 comment to City-wide Robocalls From Mayor Beverly Johnson in Support of Alameda Point

  • Christopher Tyler

    Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Tyler and I have found the articles regarding Mayor Beverly Johnson especially interesting as they relate to her honesty, or lack thereof. As to be quite to the point, Mayor Johnson is representing my ex-wife in a family law dispute wherein she has helped my ex-wife keep me from having no contact with our daughter at all for a period, now, in excess of three (3) + years.

    With there being no reason, whatsoever, that I should be separated from our child who, obviously, I miss a great, great deal. And, it’s important that you know too that members of the press nationally are also aware of this and a story and/or stories is in the pipeline.

    As for me, my name is Christopher P. Tyler and I am one of the publication editors for the Federal Register, the most important government legal publication there is. With my working in Washington D.C. and our agency being a part of the National Archives.

    Regarding the case itself, my ex-wife has already previously been found to have used a false restraining order and was found guilty of both parental alienation and held in contempt of court in Florida.

    She then moved to California where Ms. Johnson took over the case and under the auspices of Ms. Johnson has continued with the parental alienation. She also filed another restraining order in California, which the judge already threw out, and which I can very easily show you is totally false. Ms. Johnson, also, throughout the course of the trial has lied repeatedly. And inasmuch as I have now read a variety of news stories regarding her veractiy, or lack thereof, it seems her lying is something that is not at all rare and something should be done.

    Judge Carvill ordered that our daughter and I, Brooke, be reunited long, long ago, but a professional given that my ex-wife has kept our daughter from seeing me for so long. However, what Ms. Johnson continues to do is to cause some type of conflict with the reunification therapist which has caused literally year long delays in my being reuinited with our child.

    It’s truly a major scandal and that’s not my opinion but the opinion of several of the reporters working on the case. And, given that I have found in reading your paper that you are very much dedicated to both Alameda, integrity in government and honesty overall, I do not believe Ms. Johnson should be allowed to continue with her dishonesty.

    Hence, any help you can provide would be most helpful. And, if you want – as I believe other reporters may be there – I could provide you with the time of my next hearing date in Alameda and/or Oakland where I will be addressing publicly before the Judge her dishonesty and asking for legal sanctions.

    With warmest personal regards,

    Christopher Tyler

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