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Confirmed:Mayor Beverly Johnson Makes “Robotic” Calls to Alameda Residents

Addendum: Audio recordings added March 27th, 8:00pm…

On a day that saw the public release of SunCal’s ballot measure filing to support their Alameda Point project, we received confirmation and comments on City of Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson’s pre-recorded “robotic” calls to Alameda residents in support of SunCal.

Mayor Johnson campaigned in 2006 with the slogan “Protect Measure A.” But now, she’s making pre-recorded telephone calls to Alameda residents encouraging them to support SunCal’s proposal, which relies on a ballot measure to weaken Measure A.

We received various communications from Alameda residents who had received the calls:

I received a taped message from Mayor Johnson, yesterday in which she expressed her support for the SUNCAL proposal in a veiled promotion for safe roads, clean air, housing and the like. Destruction of Measure A was the hidden agenda behind her diatribe.

Just received a recorded phone call from Beverly Johnson about the Point. Her voice was like that of a robot but makes it sound like this is the best thing since slice bread.

And the robo-call voice identified itself as Mayor Beverly Johnson, the voice was very halting as if the person was reading a cue card. Poorly.

Yes, I just received a robo-call. No plan name is given, just mention that it will “benefit all”…”cleanup the toxic sites”…”no cost to Alameda taxpayers”..and to watch for a letter about it.

I think it is disgusting that Mayor Beverly Johnson is using Alameda emergency call lists to post her recorded message and private agenda to all Alameda Households promoting her vision for Alameda Point.

Isn’t this illegal? I get enough Telemarketers without that, and am on the do not call list.

Compare Mayor Johnson’s delivery of the text of her robo-call with the delivery of an enthusiastic Save Our City! Alameda activist delivering a counter message.

Mayor Johnson (Audio)

Save Our City! Alameda (Audio)

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