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A Celebration of East Bay Wine

Dear Editor,

On Thursday April 9 @ 7p.m. join as as we host A Celebration of East Bay Wine!

A free tasting featuring four of the world’s best urban wineries…that are right here in the East Bay! Irish Monkey Cellars, Periscope Cellars, R&B Cellars & Rosenblum Cellars will pour free tastings from 7-9p.m. Free hors d’oeuvres will be provided by The Fireside and Herbs and Spices catering! This is a free event.

On Wednesday April 8 @ 7p.m. we will host the second meeting of the Alameda Beer Society! Beer Brand Guru John Lundholm will be on hand to sample more than a dozen new products with you! For just $10 you will get to try all of the new beers, plus a few out of Patrick’s private stash! We’ll throw in a pint of draft beer and of course some pizza! So, if you haven’t already, sign up today! To sign up, stop by the Fireside and drop of your $10. Space is limited so hurry! (only 10 spots left!)

– Patrick Brown, The Fireside Lounge, Alameda

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