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Alternative to Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative

There is an alternative to SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative – one that focuses on high-paying jobs for Alameda, reduced traffic on our bridges and tubes as a result of that job creation, and a science and technology center at Alameda Point with a mission to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. You can see it here: (Warning – large file, long download time.)

3 comments to Alternative to Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative

  • Edward

    I’m an Alameda resident, and former Navy service member who was stationed on the base. I don’t want to see the proposed housing development from SunCal go through. I believe that the land would be best used as recreation and park land along with a nice marina, some businesses and maybe some tourism commercial developments…maybe an East Bay Fishermen’s Wharf type development (maybe a little far fetched) or something similar.
    Alameda doesn’t have the access to accomodate a few thousand housing units on the island. And the land and view are of such value that we should preserve them to share with the rest of the bay Area residents. I’d like to get involved in helping defeat the SunCal development. Thanks!

  • Al

    I’m just starting to get involved with “researching” this fiasco. I wish I knew why the mayor and other administrators are so pro-Sun Cal. Do you have any thoughts on this matter.

    I know one thing for sure – the City will not be able to tolerate the traffic from these thousands of houses and…………..what about Sun Cal’s track record – why is this not a MAJOR issue.


  • We hear the Mayor wants to run for County Supervisor, and Matarrese wants to run for Mayor of Alameda. Those campaigns cost money – where do you think campaign donations come from. Lena Tam too, is apparently a true political animal, with aspirations for higher office (Mayor? County Supe? Sacramento?)

    All of the above listed have close ties to Don Perata, who is well known as a developer friendly politician – read some of the many articles on Perata’s background over the years in the East Bay Express.