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SunCal Lying about Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative

Dear Editor,

Not only is Suncal lying about the purpose of the initiative (it’s not toxic cleanup!) they are not even saying it’s a Suncal initiative! A friend of mine signed it thinking it was an initiative by citizens fed up with the slow pace of cleanup at the base. She was shocked when I told her it was Suncal’s initiative she signed, because she had read all about their bankruptcies and failed projects and doesn’t want their plan for Alameda Point.

Suncal is collecting signatures for the ballot with a blitz campaign of lies and deception. Outrageous! How does one withdraw a signature they were duped into giving? Who investigates this fraud?

They’ll be out there again today, spreading more lies. People beware!

– Ani Dimusheva, Alameda

3 comments to SunCal Lying about Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative

  • Vania

    A reply to Ani Dimusheva: It’s been more than 20 years since I read the California Government Code and Elections Code concerning initiative petitions. However, I distinctly remember that there is a provision in one of them which describes how a voter who signed a petition can withdraw his/her name by notifying the “city clerk” type person who will be the official to verify that there are enough signatures on the petition to have the measure put on the ballot. I bet you can find some Alameda citizen/lawyer who can find that code section, prepare a form letter for people to send in to withdraw their name(s) on the petition, and figure out who the letters should be sent to.

    Also, FYI, it is my understanding that it is a violation of the Penal Code for a petition circulator to misrepresent what is in an initiative petition when requesting signatures. If your friend feels like doing so, she should write a letter to the District Attorney detailing what went on, and describe both the place where her signature was obtained and also the physical appearance of the person obtaining the signature if she remembers it. Even if she can’t remember what the circulator looked like, if the District Attorney is on the up-and-up, they can easily get the name of the liar/circulator once the petition with your friend’s signature is handed in the the City Clerk.

    One other remedy which is useful, if you can get a lawyer to do it, is to collect declarations from voters who say they have been mislead about what is in the petition, and then have the lawyer file a lawsuit against the people who signed the initiative petition as its proponents, as well as the signature gathering company, to obtain an prohibitory injunction against their further lying.

    By the way, I know this stuff because I worked as a paid initiative petition signature gatherer when I was in college, and we were very well schooled by the owner of the petition-signature-gathering-company about what we should NOT do…like lie.

  • Scott

    You are the one who lies. The development is only months away lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  • But we are leading – see an alternate proposal at