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Lies We’ve Heard, or Heard Of, From SunCal’s Paid-Signature Gatherers

We’re getting lots of reports of the lies that SunCal’s paid-signature gatherers are telling people at supermarkets all across Alameda. We’ve heard some of them directly ourselves.

"This Petition May Be Circulated by a Paid Signature Gatherer or a Volunteer"

The picture shows the statement required by law that indicates that “This petition may be circulated by a paid signature gatherer or a volunteer. You have the right to ask.”

Some of our readers wrote to explain:

“Seven states require circulators to disclose whether they are a paid or a volunteer circulator to potential petition signers. These states are Arizona, California, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon and Wyoming–all of which require that a prominent notice be placed on the petition form stating whether the circulator is paid or volunteer–and Missouri, where the circulator must file an affidavit with the Missouri Secretary of State.”

The petition didn’t have ‘a prominent notice’ about whether she was paid. I did, however, notice that it said, “You have the right to ask whether the circulator is paid or a volunteer.” So I asked.

She refused to answer. I pointed out the notice.
Her response: “You have the right to ask…but I don’t have to answer.”

One person called us to tell us:

“She told us that she works for the City of Alameda….”

And another told us that:

Had we been told the truth, my husband and would have NEVER signed the petition outside Trader Joes last Saturday 4/4. This is appalling and unethical, and shows the underhandedness of Suncal.

When we spoke with the paid signature gatherer at Mariner Square Lucky Store, she tried to tell us this petition was about cleaning up the navy base. It’s not – the U.S. Navy is required to clean up the toxins at Alameda Point by law – not SunCal.

Other lies:

Other things she said to us:
– The Navy has 25 years to clean up. Anything left is not their problem, so this development needs to happen so that SunCal helps with clean-up.
– If this measure doesn’t get on the ballot and pass, the federal government is going to auction off the land out here to the highest bidder and we’ll have no control.
– Oh, and: Here’s the plan right here (the large volume sitting next to them that no one has time to “thumb through”). If you show me where they lie in this plan, I’ll listen.

There was also a lot of, “Don’t you remember how bad it was during the Navy days? Why don’t you want to get this on the ballot?” and “Why don’t you be quiet and let me tell you what this is about.” Also, the classic, “It’s not going to pass anyway, so just sign. Don’t you think the people deserve to have a vote?” I asked her why she felt this was worthy of a vote, and she said because it was only for Alameda Point. I asked her how that made any sense at all considering that it’s still Alameda, and that’s when she said we’d lose it all if this plan didn’t pass.

We will still have control if the Navy auctions off the land; SunCal isn’t going to spend any money on clean-up.

More lies from SunCal and their paid flunkies….

3 comments to Lies We’ve Heard, or Heard Of, From SunCal’s Paid-Signature Gatherers

  • MG

    I was told today 4/7/09, that it was a petition “For the Point” and to give “Alameda residents more say in the development of the Point”. When I asked a few more pointed questions like “Is this for the increase of how many housing units can be built at the Point?” I was finally told the truth.

    Thank you for raising awareness of this cause. While I believe that the base should be developed I do not think that SunCal’s plan is the best for everyone in Alameda. I live on Buena Vista and Park Street I see how congested it is every morning. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like with over 5,000 new dwellings.

    There needs to be a plan that everyone can be happy with.

  • Try taking a look at our alternate plan which focuses on adaptive re-use of the buildings at Alameda Point, and green-collar jobs, and R&D into renewable energy sources. Here:

  • RR

    I was asked by one of the petition folks to sign. I asked who would be cleaning up Alameda Point, and I got varying answers within a few seconds of each other. First, she said the City of Alameda would clean it up. When I told her it wasn’t the city’s responsibility and was in fact the Navy’s, she said the Navy was in charge of cleaning it up, but they’ve been doing a poor job of doing so. She didn’t seem well-informed, and I couldn’t get a straight answer from her, so I refused to sign.