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Alameda Residents to Protest Mis-leading Statements from SunCal’s Signature Gatherers

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Critics of SunCal’s Development Plan Ballot Initiative Protest Against Mis-leading Claims by Paid-Signature Collectors

ALAMEDA – Residents here charge that SunCal’s paid signature-collectors are making mis-leading claims about the nature of SunCal’s ballot initiative which would give the developer un-precedented power to develop over 4,500 homes at Alameda Point.

The signature collectors prey on the elderly and ask them to sign a ballot initiative to “clean up toxins at Alameda Point” without disclosing or explaining the full nature of the proposed measure.

“It’s truly disgusting how they have been mis-leading voters,” said David Howard of “The U.S. Navy is committed to clean-up Alameda Point no matter who ultimately develops it. The base will be cleaned-up even without SunCal. This is a cynical attempt by SunCal to sneak something past voters.”

Residents will hold a demonstration today at Alameda City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave. at 7 pm, Tuesday April 7th

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