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Take Pictures of SunCal Signature Gatherers

When you go out to go to the drugstore, or the supermarket, take your camera-phone, or your digital camera with you, and snap some pictures of the paid signature-gatherers spreading lies in support of SunCal’s petition. Mail it to us at the e-mail address in the top right, with the date, time and location of the picture. We’ll use these pictures to aid our legal challenges to SunCal’s petition.

The following are locations that have been reported to us where SunCal is gathering signatures:

Bridgeside Nob Hill Farms
Longs Drugstore at Bay Farm Island
Safeway at Bay Farm Island
Mariner Square Lucky’s (Both entrances)
Alameda Towne Center Safeway/Trader Joes

So send us those pictures, with the date/time etc, and any other pertinent info. We’ll catalog it for the attorneys. And don’t take any guff from the signature gatherers – First Amendment rights allow them to collect signatures, but they are also in public, so they are making themselves available for picture taking. Snap away.

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