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How to Withdraw Your Name from the Alameda Point Revitalization Ballot Initiative

California law provides that you can withdraw your name from a ballot initiative petition by contacting the City Clerk before the signatures are filed. If you feel duped by SunCal’s signature gatherers, you can withdraw your name. Here’s how.

Contact us at to ask for our help, or you can write a letter directly to the City Clerk for the City of Alameda, based on the one below, and send it in immediately. Please send a copy to us also.

City of Alameda, City Clerk
2263 Santa Clara Ave # 380
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 747-4800

After doing further research on the matter, I realize now that I was mis-led when I signed the petition to support SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative. I do not support their initiative, and I would like the Alameda City Clerk to remove my name from this petition.

Thank you.

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Address: Phone:


5 comments to How to Withdraw Your Name from the Alameda Point Revitalization Ballot Initiative

  • Stan

    One way or another Suncal will weasel their way into Alameda. If they can’t buy the politicians, they will pay to have an initiative on the ballot and spread the airwaves with how wonderful they are. If you believe their line of bull, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell you folks.

  • Joe

    At least Suncal has a viable plan. Why not give it a shot with a ballot initiative?

  • We believe that when Alameda residents know the truth about SunCal’s plan, they don’t agree with it. We see it with the people writing to us to ask how to remove their name from the petition – SunCal’s signature gatherers are being dishonest with voters, and we know from watching SunCal in New Mexico and in other places in California, if it gets on the ballot, they will run a dishonest campaign then, too.

    We’ve personally seen the signature gatherers tell people to sign the document without letting them read it. That’s hardly a fair and democratic process. We believe that in a fair vote, which we are pushing for, SunCal will lose.

  • Joe

    Why are you afraid of the truth being on the ballot? Give democracy a chance!!!!

  • You didn’t read what I wrote. We believe that if the truth is on the ballot, and distributed to residents, they will reject SunCal’s proposal.

    But SunCal has demonstrated in other places – and with their signature gatherers – that they are not interested in telling the truth. I’ve heard from many people who told me that the signature gatherers are telling lies about the petition initiative to get people to sign it. We’ve had many people ask us to help remove their name from the petition, because they felt that they were mis-led or lied to when they signed it. When we go out and hand out flyers to explain the truth, the petition signers move away, presumably because they don’t want to be observed lying and mis-leading voters.

    That’s not democracy.