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SunCal’s Signature Gatherers – Did They Deceive You?

Here is a photo of one of SunCal’s paid signature gatherers – let us know if this person duped you into signing their petition, and when it where happened and what they said to you. Send us email to the address in the top right corner.

SunCal Signature Gatherer at Nob Hill Farms, April 10, 2009

2 comments to SunCal’s Signature Gatherers – Did They Deceive You?

  • Stan

    Any more pictures? I think they may have hired the same company that they hired to harass signature gatherers in Anaheim when we got the people to get an initiative on the ballot to oppose Suncal from building in our Resort District. Don’t fall for their schemes. Only the taxpayers will lose

  • It’s Singer Associates in S.F.

    UPDATE: We’re told that Singer Associates contracts with Pacific Petitions for the signature gathering – SunCal hires Singer, and Singer hires Pacific Petitions to do the actual signature collection…