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City of Alameda Downplays FISC Fire Asbestos Risk With “Research shows…”

In a press release, and FAQ posted to the City of Alameda website, the City is downplaying the risk to residents from the March 29th FISC Fire, in part with the classic “Research shows…” that airborne levels of asbestos from the fire were not at high-enough concentrations to pose a health risk.

But which research? Citations please. And how do they know that in the FISC fire the concentrations weren’t high enough to pose a risk? The City failed to act – they didn’t take air samples downwind of the fire, and they didn’t issue a shelter-in-place warning to residents, and they didn’t use the emergency notification system to call residents, because it is “old and slow.”

The chief purpose of municipal government is to protect citizens and deliver services to them. This is only the latest example of how the City of Alameda is failing on both counts.

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