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SunCal Signature Gatherers Assault, Victimize Newspaper Reporters and Counter-Petitioners

We’ve received reports and confirmed with Alameda PD that last Saturday, one of the SunCal signature-gatherers allegedly committed battery on a local print newspaper reporter.

This comes on the heels of an arrest the week before of a signature gatherer at Alameda Towne Centre who would not stay in her assigned location.

Your correspondent has suffered physical intimidation by SunCal’s signature gatherers himself – by this woman – on Monday, April 6th at Lucky’s at Mariner Square Plaza, and mocking and name-calling – “you f*cking ignorant little pr*ck” – from another signature gatherer at the Walgreens at Atlantic and Webster.

We have received other reports of harrassment and intimidation by signature gatherers from people handing out flyers to fully educate the public about the nature of SunCal’s petition:

I just spent some time at Nob Hill. My blood is boiling. They are lying to the public. They are trapping people at car doors. The manager along with myself has asked them to not harrass customers with mistruth and lies. I called the corporate nob hill office to ask them to empower the manager to kick them off the property. We need to call all the corporate offices to inform them that this is not a city backed poll. I am furious. The corporate number is 916-373-3333.


One person told me that if I wanted to hand out flyers, I had to stand 30 feet away from her, and threatened to call the police if I don’t. [Ed. Note – that’s not true.] At another location, a different signature gatherer walked passed me and deliberately pushed into me with her body, to try to push me away and intimidate me.

Officials from the Alameda Police department confirmed that on Saturday, April 11th, at about 4:13pm, in front of Peet’s Coffee at the corner of Park and Central, a reporter from the Alameda Sun approached a SunCal signature-gathering table, and proceeded to take photographs. The signature gatherer evidently presumed that the journalist – legitimately taking pictures of a public sphere activity – were from “the opposition” and the “victim, Mr. Evanosky, reported that his hand was pushed away by the suspect as he tried to take a picture of the signature gatherer.”

The victim called Alameda PD and filed a criminal complaint and apparently had witnesses to back it up. No injuries were reported. The case has been referred to Alameda County Assistant District Attorney Charlotte Green at the courthouse on Shoreline Drive in Alameda for review and possible prosecution. The victim evidently got a photograph of his assailant.

If this is how SunCal plays during the signature gathering stage, imagine how it will be if they get their initiative on the ballot, and they push for votes?

3 comments to SunCal Signature Gatherers Assault, Victimize Newspaper Reporters and Counter-Petitioners

  • Lane H

    I was just harassed at Park and Alameda by a petition taker who entered a business to talk to me and then followed me down the street when I said no to signing several times. I reported him to police.

  • Is there a website that has the pro’s and con’s of the initiative in a nonbiased way? Thanks a million!!!

  • I don’t think there’s any such thing as an “un-biased” view of this initiative or the plan.