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Assistant District Attorney Charlotte Green Must Press Charges in Evanosky Assault Case

As more information comes to light about the questionable and often fraudulent tactics of Arno Political Consultants – the signature gathering company that SunCal hired to collect signatures for their Revitalize Alameda Point initiative – it’s clear that our City of Alameda-specific District Attorney Charlotte Green must prosecute the battery charges against the Arno employee who assaulted local journalist Dennis Evanosky.

Few people in Alameda may realize that we have our own Deputy District Attorney, one Ms. Charlotte Green, within Alameda County right at the courthouse on Shoreline Drive:

Superior Court of California, County of Alameda
2233 Shoreline Drive
Alameda, CA 94501

Readers and other bloggers have quickly found reports and videos documenting the sleazy tactics used by Arno. Readers have sent in their own reports to us of the aggressive, deceptive, mis-leading and oftentimes, probably illegal, tactics used by the Arno signature gatherers here in Alameda.

Ms. Green has an opportunity to pursue justice for Mr. Evanosky and send a message that Alameda residents won’t tolerate this anti-democratic and illegal behavior on the part of the signature gatherers.

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