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For the Next Fire or Other Emergency in Alameda

By all accounts coming into our news desk, our City leaders and the senior officials at the Alameda Fire Department were, and are ill-equipped to properly respond to events such as the March 29th FISC fire. Next time, here’s who to call.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has been disavowing any responsibility for health issues in Alameda resulting from the FISC fire because “nobody called us during the event.” Duh! Who knew to call them? Everyone was busy calling the fire department!

For the next major emergency event in Alameda – another fire like the army depot fire, or an earthquake, call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802. We’ll be putting this in a permanent location on our website. The National Response Center – unlike officials at AFD – will notify all the relevant agencies at the time of the event.

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