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Revitalize Alameda Point – Where Will the Water Come From?

Several people have asked us where the water to serve 5,000 new homes at Alameda Point will come from. In today’s East Bay Express, we have part of the answer.

In an article entitled Sierra Water Grab, the East Bay Express reported that the East Bay Municipal Utility District, who would provide the water for Alameda Point, wants to build a new four hundred-foot dam on the Mokelumne river and turn a scenic stretch of the Sierra into a giant water reservoir.

The article explains that the East Bay MUD board was controlled by environmentalists during the early 1990s, but that developers helped oust them from the board in the mid-1990s to get away from steep pricing plans that made heavy water users pay more.

East Bay MUD board member Doug Linney, who represents Alameda, would not commit to opposing the dam when asked by the East Bay Express reporter. Doug Linney is also a member of HOMES, a local Alameda group aligned with developers who had a table at Earth Day last Saturday from which they promoted SunCal’s plans for Alameda Point.

Doug Linney is on the Board of Directors for both EBMUD and HOMES

Doug Linney is on the Board of Directors for both EBMUD and HOMES

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