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Revitalize Alameda Point – Questions Parents Should Ask About the Sports Complex

Here are a number of questions that Alameda parents should ask SunCal, and the City of Alameda, about the proposed Sports Complex before signing SunCal’s petition and before voting in favor of SunCal’s initiative.


o What design criteria did SunCal use to determine how many acres of parks/open space per citizen would be put into the plan?

o How many citizens is the Sports Complex designed to serve?

o Exactly, how many dwelling units are going to be built? Including any “density bonus” units?

o What is the expected population of the point after development? Including any “density bonus” units?

o What is the projected number of children who will live at Alameda Point?

o Is the Sports Complex being built to serve only the population at the Point, the population of Alameda, or the entire Bay Area?

o The Sports Complex design has been around for about 10 years. SunCal has incorporated an existing plan which was designed to supplement existing parks in Alameda as it existed then. Why hasn’t SunCal updated the plan to incorporate the additional population after Point development?

o There was originally a pool complex, which has been removed from the current plan. Will there be a pool somewhere at Alameda Point?

o In what phase of the plan will the Sports Complex be constructed? If it’s the last thing being finished, where will the population at the Point recreate until its completion? How many years between the time the existing fields at Alameda Point are torn up to build houses, until the Sports Complex is finished?

o How will existing sports fields be replaced as work goes on? Will new fields be constructed before existing fields are removed? Will access to existing or new fields be provided while work is going on around them? Will parking be provided as well?

o The Alameda Soccer Club has received numerous complaints about families parking their cars while attending soccer games at the Bayport field. How does SunCal plan to accommodate parking at the Sports Complex? Will residents of Alameda Point be restricted from parking in Sports Complex parking areas? Are all families expected to take public transit to get to the sports fields?

The way its being presented to the public

o The acreage specified in SunCal’s concept plan (“150 acres of parks”) includes: sports fields, parks, pocket parks, boulevards, quads, water front, general open space (unusable to the public, just to look at) and the 58 acre sports complex. Is SunCal calling all these open spaces “parks” to make the plan look better to Alameda’s “Sports Families”?

o The Sports Complex is being used to gain support of current citizens of Alameda for SunCal’s efforts at the Point. Can SunCal show that these citizens will gain any benefit from this Sports Complex?


o The current number of baseball/softball diamonds in the city is 18

o 16 are controlled by the City of Alameda Recreation and Parks Departement (ARPD)

o 2 are controlled by Alameda Little League (ALL)

o The current number of soccer fields in the city controlled by ARPD is 9

o The number of soccer fields at the point is 8, they are:

Multi-Use (1) and Atlantic (2), controlled by ARPD, 3 fields

Alameda Point, controlled by Piedmont, 4 fields

Hornet, leased from the city by Alameda Soccer Club (ASC), 1 field

o The number of soccer fields in SunCal’s concept plan was initially four (4), when the Alameda Soccer Club complained about the net loss of fields, other open space was reassigned to soccer bringing the number up to 12. Basically some green areas on the map were made to look like soccer fields.

o How does SunCal account for 12 soccer fields? Where are they? Are they counting the Bladium soccer fields, which are private, and have different access restrictions compared to PUBLIC ARPD fields? Are they just marking white lines on green park space on their maps and calling those spaces soccer fields/

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