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Planning Board to Review Alameda Parking Ordinance Amendments at May 11th Meeting

The City of Alameda Planning Board will review a list of amendments to the City’s parking ordinance at their Monday May 11th meeting. Property owners along Alameda’s commercial streets should pay close attention.

Here is a copy of the document with the draft changes which is circulating within City Hall.

The proposed changes introduce a cap on the number of off-street parking spaces that residential parcels can provide.

30-7.6 Schedule of Required Off-Street Parking Spaces.
a. Residential Uses.
1. Dwelling Units with three thousand (3,000) sq. ft. or less, of conditioned space–two (2) spaces per unit. Dwelling units located on an upper floor above ground floor retail or commercial uses shall provide a minimum of one space and a maximum of two (2) spaces per unit.

(Italics added)

and it proposes a lower overall provision for parking for mixed-use parcels, where assumptions are made about parking spaces being shared by different users at different parts of the day:

f. Mixed Uses. Where distinctly different uses are combined in a signal project, the parking requirement for each use shall be calculated separately, then combined for a total parking requirement for the project. Uses ancillary to a primary use shall utilize the same rate as the primary use. A lower requirement for a mixed use project may be approved if a lower overall parking demand can be demonstrated as a result of shared use of the parking facilities by different uses with different peak demands for parking.

(Italics added)

And it provides special adjustments for Neighborhood Business Districts:

30-7.20. Adjustments for C-1 Neighborhood Business Districts.
Notwithstanding the requirements prescribed in Section 30-7.6, developments within the C-1 Neighborhood Business Districts shall provide:

o Dwelling units located on an upper floor above ground floor retail or commercial uses shall provide a minimum of two (2) spaces per unit

o Hotel/Motel–One and one quarter (1 ¼) spaces per quest room shall be provided.

o General retail, banks, minor repair services, One (1) space per two hundred (200) square feet of ground floor area; one (1) space per four hundred (400) square feet of upper floor space including mezzanines;

o Professional office, doctor and dentist offices (including hospital outpatient services), One (1) space per two hundred fifty (250) square feet.

o Restaurants, less than four thousand (4,000) square feet gross area–One (1) space per one hundred (100) square feet of gross floor area; four thousand (4,000) square feet or more–forty (40) spaces, plus one (1) for each fifty (50) square feet of seating area over four thousand (4,000) square feet.

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