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Alameda Bike to Work Day, May 14, 2009

May 14th is Bike to Work Day in Alameda. Riding the ferries from Alameda and back will be free for bike commuters. And there will be a number of ‘energizer stations’ across town, including a new afternoon station.

Here are a list of ‘energizer stations’ :

City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue 6:30am – 9: 30am

Bay Farm Bridge/Bay Farm Island, wooden walkway 6:30am – 9: 30am

Alameda/SF Ferry (Free!), 2990 Main Street – Onboard ferry 7:15am, 8:20aam, 9:25am ferries

Harbor Bay Ferry/SF (Free!), 2 Mecartney Drive – Onboard ferry 6:30am, 7:30aam, 8:30am ferries

Marina Village – Data 911, 2021 Challenger Drive 1:00pm – 5:000pm

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