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Unconfirmed – Bay Farm Island Shopping Plaza Bankrupt?

ADDENDUM: Evidently the plaza name is a mouthful: “Harbor Bay Landing Shopping Center”

We’re still trying to confirm, but a piece of info passed to us this weekend is that the owners of the shopping plaza on Bay Farm Island that is host to a Safeway store and Longs Drugs store have or are about to file for bankruptcy. Safeway is at 827 Island Drive, Alameda, CA 94502 and the plaza is at the corner of Island Drive and Mecartney Blvd.

For the life of us, we can’t remember what the name of the shopping plaza is – surely it has a name, they all have names – and we haven’t been able to drum up a name online either, which, if the rumor is true, may help explain why the plaza is going down the drain. Last year, CVS Caremark Corp. announced a deal to buy Longs Drugs – if CVS has just now decided to close the Bay Farm island Longs Drugs location – an anchor tenant – perhaps this dealt a body-blow to the plaza.

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