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Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Signature Gatherers Go Door-to-Door, Begging, and Telling Lies

We’ve had reports for a couple of weeks now that SunCal’s signature gatherers are going door-to-door to ask for signatures for their petition – a long and arduous task. But what we heard yesterday takes the cake – they are now begging for money.

After they wore out their welcome at Nob Hill Farms and Alameda Towne Center, the signature gatherers evidently moved on to a door-to-door campaign, where they can more easily tell voters lies without anyone overhearing them.

First we heard this:

These signature gatherers will do anything it seems. 8:00 p.m., out telling lies……

and then this:

We just had knock on our door. It was petitioner who said that if the measure did not pass, then the base would not be cleaned up.

(The U.S. Navy is obligated to clean-up the land at Alameda Point. SunCal has no role in the clean-up of the soil and the land.)

Then we heard this pathetic story yesterday:

When I told the signature person that I would not sign the petition, he said “Well, would you give me $5 anyway? Because that’s what I get paid for each signature I collect, and if you won’t sign, maybe you would pay me the $5?


BTW, we understand they get paid $3.50 for each signature they collect while stationed at a high-traffic storefront location, and $5 per signature when they go door-to-door, which is much harder work.

3 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Signature Gatherers Go Door-to-Door, Begging, and Telling Lies

  • tim

    SunCal rules. I want to live in a toxic dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stan

    They will do anything to steal what they can’t get from paying off local officials. If this gets on your ballot, you will be bombarded with unbelievable lies about what will happen if you don’t vote for their project (at your expense by the way)

  • Sean.

    Just noticed this past Saturday (4 days before election day) that all the “No on B” signs on my Street had been pulled up and tossed onto the lawns.