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More City of Alameda Layoffs Coming?

The Governor’s budget announced yesterday invokes more borrowing from California’s cities, as much as $2 to $3 million from the City of Alameda, from what we’re hearing. With a net real cash general fund balance of $1.8 million, after outstanding workman’s compensation liabilities are paid, that’s money the City doesn’t have. Where will it come from?

Clearly, the City of Alameda doesn’t have this kind of cash on-hand. At the last City Council meeting, the City Manager told Council the City has cash on-hand to last only about 90 days. The City may well have to lay-off even more employees – beyond the 10% already announced – to preserve cash. But layoffs will only get the City so far – at some point, the City can’t function for lack of staff, and more drastic measures will be needed.

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