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Why People Drive Instead of Taking Transit

An Alameda woman was robbed at gunpoint after exiting a bus she boarded at a BART station. We’ve heard numerous stories over the years of commuters who stop taking public transit after being mugged or otherwise having their person or their vehicle victimized in BART parking lots. We wonder if this victim will continue to take transit, or start driving to work.

2 comments to Why People Drive Instead of Taking Transit

  • barb

    And just a few blocks from the Alameda Police Station.

  • Donna Pedroza

    I am more reluctant to drive on 880 that to take my chances with being robbed by taking the bus and BART. While traumatic, I fear injury in a car accident more. But, I have always worked in high crime areas and find myself comfortable in them, despite being in my 60’s, female and white. I think it depends on what you fear most.