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Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Will Need Water for Those 5,000 Homes They Want to Build

We reported last month that the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) is looking at a reservoir expansion plan that would flood an additional 1,200 acres of scenic Sierra river valley, and that EBMUD Alameda representative, Doug Linney, will be voting on it. It’s not only developments in the Central Valley that will need water – SunCal’s development at Alameda Point will need water too. And they may be counting on Doug Linney to provide it.

As we reported earlier, Linney – until our previous article – was listed as a member of the Board of Directors for HOMES Alameda, which is fervently supporting SunCal’s plan. Linney is also listed in their newsletters as a ‘strategic adviser’ under the name of his “The Next Generation” political consulting firm. Linney has also appeared at Sierra Club committee meetings in support of HOMES Alameda’s attempts to get the Sierra Club to endorse SunCal’s proposals. And we hear he is on contract with SunCal to help get their ballot measure passed. In the East Bay Express article in April, Linney would not take a position of voting against the Pardee Resevoir extension – is it because he’s working for SunCal and supporting their project at Alameda Point?

Incidentally, we favor adaptive re-use of the buildings at Alameda Point for light industrial uses – not housing – such as a water desalination plant to serve Alameda and the East Bay. There are industrial buildings already in place that would be well-suited for such a use, and drawing water from the ocean may be preferable to many people in the East Bay and the Sierras to flooding even more river valley land.

You can read more about the efforts to halt the Pardee Resevoir extension here. We encourage you to write Doug Linney and other EBMUD representatives to let them know what you think about the Pardee expansion, and a possible conflict of interest on the part of Doug Linney.

Doug Linney

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