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City of Alameda Likely to Face a New Lawsuit

Next week, Alameda City Council will meet in closed session with the City Attorney to discuss anticipated litigation against the City – “Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 54956.9 ”

Staff called the closed-door meeting under Section 54956.9, subdivision (b) of the California Government Code, which reads:

(b) (1) A point has been reached where, in the opinion of the legislative body of the local agency on the advice of its legal counsel, based on existing facts and circumstances, there is a significant exposure to litigation against the local agency.

So who is gearing up to sue the City? Is it Ron Cowan with another “friendly” lawsuit of the type he likes to use when he wants to force City Council to make decisions behind closed doors, instead of in a public forum, under the guise discussing litigation?

2 comments to City of Alameda Likely to Face a New Lawsuit

  • eyes open and watching

    Surely the City Clerk knows who has submitted Claims against the City recently. Aren’t Claims subject to Public Records Requests?

    Perhaps it is the property owners who are fed up with Planning and Building making up anonymous complaints against them? Perhaps it is the property owners with abestos in their yards who were told by the Fire Marshall that their concerns were “emotional”.

  • We can make a records requests for outstanding claims. If no claim was filed, and no lawsuit yet, then there won’t be a record at City Hall.

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