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Protect The Point – Citizen’s Group Launches Website to Oppose SunCal Alameda Point Proposal

A group of citizen activists formed to oppose SunCal’s proposed development plan for Alameda Point launched a new website dedicated to “Defeat the SunCal Initiative for Alameda Point” and decrying it as “Too Risky – Too Costly”

The website is at Dave Needle of the Protect The Point Executive Committee said of SunCal’s proposal “We are being asked to risk the future of Alameda based on assurances of a developer with a significant history of bankruptcy and project failure.” Dave Needle went on to say “When you look at the project’s details it places far too large a financial burden on us to support.”

We reported last week that in writing the ballot initiative to effect their plan, SunCal granted themselves over $80 million in City of Alameda fee waivers, according to a City conducted evaluation. The same City of Alameda evaluation acknowledged that it’s impossible to know before the vote on the initiative if the $200 million offered by SunCal will be enough to pay for all the promised public benefits. (SunCal’s $200 million of public benefits is contingent on a comparable amount of Alameda tax-payer subsidies to SunCal.)

Protect The Point also notes that SunCal’s initiative changes the City’s General Plan to eliminate compliance with the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency’s Congestion Management Program, putting gasoline tax revenues to the City of Alameda at risk. At tomorrow’s City Council meeting, city staff will ask Council to approve a resolution denouncing the State of California’s planned appropriation of City gasoline tax revenues (Proposition 42 sales tax) to balance the state budget.

The language in the initiative to do away with the requirement for new developments to comply with the Congestion Management Program to secure gas tax revenues is in Exhibit C, Section I, 3 (g) Traffic Constraints:

The Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (CMA) provides an additional traffic constraint through its Congestion Management Program (CMP). The CMP requires all cities in the County to maintain traffic at specific Levels of Service (LOS) on the CMP designated highway system. The CMP system includes the Webster/Posey tubes connecting I-880 with Alameda. The CMA is responsible for monitoring levels of service on the CMP system and requires local jurisdictions to prepare deficiency palns in the event that LOS standards are exceeded. Compliance with those LOS standards is a further constraint to the provision of housing on Alameda Point. Penalities for non-compliance with CMP standards include the loss of gas tax funds.

The strikethrough indicates that SunCal aims to delete this clause from the General Plan, which is evidence that they know their project will generate automobile traffic through the Webster/Posey Tubes in excess of what the Congestion Management Program allows. In other words, although SunCal says it won’t, their project will generate a substantial amount of automobile traffic in the West End of Alameda, which will make you late for work in the morning.

The Protect The Point organization is planning a rally and a march on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Alameda City Hall, beginning at 10:30 am.

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