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District Attorney’s Office Dismisses Charges in Assault of Alameda Sun Reporter

Alameda Police told us last week that Charlette Green, Senior Deputy District attorney for Alameda, has dismissed the charges in the case of an assault against Alameda Sun Reporter Dennis Evanosky.

Evanosky was assaulted April 11th, in front of Peet’s Coffee on Park Street by an employee of Arno Political Consultants, the firm paid by SunCal to gather signatures for the Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative.

Alameda PD told us that Ms. Green dismissed the charges “in the interests of justice” – a check box on the forms returned to Alameda PD. Alameda PD suggested we contact Ms. Green to understand the meaning of “in the interests of justice” and we tried to reach Ms Green on Friday before noon, but she was out of the office and her voice mailbox was full. We tried calling again this morning, and the phone rang without an answer.

In response to the news, Mr. Evanosky wrote by email: “Get the word out: It’s not ok to assault someone on Alameda’s streets.”

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