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Jeff Conant, Author of “Community Guide to Environmental Health” Speaking at Books Inc.

Jeff Conant, Author of “Community Guide to Environmental Health” Speaking at Books Inc.
Books, Inc.
1344 Park St
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 522-2226

The author of Community Guide to Environmental Health, Jeff Conant, is planning a demonstration about Climate Change geared to educators. The demonstration will be based on the game Shoots & Ladders – so elementary school teachers take note! Jeff is a friendly, knowledgeable speaker and the book is full of easy-to-follow, practical ideas for communities to get to the root of the problems that affect them by examining the way we use our natural resources. You might be familiar with our most popular title, Where There Is No Doctor – this book has a similar how-to approach, making it easy for the layperson to prevent and treat illnesses, construct things out of materials most people have easy access to (like water filtration systems that use a bucket & layers of sand, charcoal, and gravel or instructions for composting waste), and ways that people can organize to protect their communities from the harmful waste produced by certain industries. Our books are popular here in the U.S. with the D.I.Y. crowd and the off-the-grid crowd, as well as anyone involved in community health and health activism.

Bring your environmental and community health related questions and concerns.

Potential Peace Core volunteers – this event is perfect for you as well – and others
interested in working in developing countries. We will have a former Peace Core volunteer
here as well to answer your questions.

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